Shardell Joseph

Harvesting body heat from wearables

Materials World magazine
A new flexible device integrated in wearables can convert body heat into power. Shardell Joseph reports.

Supercharging technology with ultra-high capacity battery

Materials World magazine
A supercharging battery has gained international attention for its potential to outperform market leaders by more than four times. Shardell Joseph looks at the developments that made the technology possible.

Detecting materials through terahertz waves with nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
A new approach can produce and control terahertz waves using nanometric materials, advancing imaging techniques for microscopy and spectroscopy. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Using flexible adhesives to join historical timber structures

Materials World magazine
Flexible polyurethane adhesives can repair ancient timber structures, reducing and redistributing stress. Shardell Joseph explores its potential.

Exploring hot isostatic pressing for storing plutonium in cans

Materials World magazine
A collaborative UK and USA project is investigating can-filling treatments for storing plutonium using hot isostatic pressing. Shardell Joseph reports.

Implementing blockchain to reduce illegal mining

Materials World magazine
Google has started a blockchain project in Peru to improve standards in mining throughout its supply chain. In light of recent lawsuits against tech companies, Shardell Joseph looks at the significance of traceability and transparency, and the role blockchain will fulfil among mines in the future.

Evaporating water for lithium mining with solar umbrellas

Materials World magazine
A solar umbrella device can enhance evaporation in lithium mining, reducing the amount of time needed and land required. Shardell Joseph reports.
An autoclave used for the production of parts in automotive and aerospace industry.

Making aeroplane parts without ovens

Materials World magazine
A Carbon nanotube film can produce aerospace-grade composites without the need for using large-scale ovens or autoclaves.
McMaster University Professor, Michael Brook, with Graduate Student, Sija Zheng, analysing polymeric oils used in tyres. Credit: Georgia Kirkos, McMaster University

Dissolving old tyres to make new

Materials World magazine
A new method of breaking down and dissolving rubber tyres has been discovered that can recycle the material to make new tyres.

Absorbing carbon dioxide with microporous hybrid foam

Materials World magazine
A microporous material with CO 2 -absorbing zeolites has the potential for integration in carbon capture technology. Shardell Joseph finds out how it works.


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