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Relaxing rules around coal

Materials World magazine
New USA Environmental Protection Agency proposals give power plants more flexibility on coal waste. Shardell Joseph reports.

Looking at emerging bioplastics for packaging

Materials World magazine
Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum placed bioplastics as the top emerging technology of 2019 as a means of achieving a circular economy. In October, plastic-like products have been developed as potential eco-friendly alternatives for packaging. Shardell Joseph reports.

Re-evaluation of the World Trade Centre 7 collapse

Materials World magazine
A four-year American study looking at the collapse of the World Trade Centre Building 7 has been conducted using software tools and simulations to re-evaluate its architectural failures. Shardell Joseph investigates.

Sirius mining project plans to build underground transport tunnel

Materials World magazine
In a period of financial uncertainty and mass redundancies, Sirius Minerals commences an ambitious project to develop an underground transport system. Shardell Joseph investigates.

Digital tracking technology to combat conflict materials in mining

Materials World magazine
A new digital system traces metals such as tantalum and cobalt to offset the damage caused by conflict materials from controversial sources in the mining industry. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Harder composite material for nuclear conditions

Materials World magazine
A new composite material with greater microhardness has been developed and can withstand harsh conditions such as those in nuclear rectors. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Using light tech to reveal Herculaneum scrolls

Materials World magazine
Synchrotron light technology and digital software tools will be used to decode and study 2,000 year-old scrolls. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Gender-specific spacesuits launched for NASA’s Artemis mission

Materials World magazine
NASA unveiled two new and improved spacesuits designed with custom-fit features, one of which will be intentionally worn by a woman first.

Hunterson B reopening approved after graphite cracks assessed

Materials World magazine
One of Hunterston B’s nuclear reactors has been given permission to resume generating electricity after hundreds of cracks were found in the bricks. Shardell Joseph founds out more.

Material Marvels: Insight into the lives and scientific inventions of innovators for Black History Month

Out of slavery, inequality, and racial adversity, black engineers have made significant contributions to technological advancements and material marvels throughout history. Shardell Joseph looks at the obstacles that inventors faced, and their achievements in science.


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