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Shape-shifting carbon fibre composite

Materials World magazine
A new solid-state carbon fibre composite is said to be capable of changing form with the help of electronic impulses.

LEDs for 3D metal printing

Materials World magazine
Selective LED-based melting is the new technology being put forward for 3D metal printing to reduce production times for components for fuel cell or medical technology.

Journey begins for light rail trackform

Materials World magazine
The Coventry Very Light Rail project in the UK embarks on a new journey, investigating how to create a low-cost trackform for light rail carriages.

Benefits of online STEM education investigated

Materials World magazine
Online and blended (online and in-person) STEM education can produce the same learning outcomes for students as traditional, in-person classes at a fraction of the cost, finds research published in Science Advances.

Polymer alternative to white pigments

Materials World magazine
Polymer foils that are extremely thin and characterised by a high light scattering rate are being produced in a biomimetic process developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.

On the road to new batteries for electric mobility

Materials World magazine
A new EU-funded project, ASTRABAT, aims to develop high-energy, sustainable and marketable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solutions to meet the demands of the growing electric vehicle market.

Putting engineering on the map?

The UK’s new Engineering Diploma for 14-19-year-olds is being taught from this September. Rupal Mehta explores its development, and what it means for education in the country and a sector dominated by an ageing workforce.

Plastics positive - Positives of plastic sustainable packaging

The public perception that synthetic plastics are all bad and 'bioplastics' are the only answer to environmental packaging concerns is incorrect, says Wilfred Haensel, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope, the association of plastics manufacturers.

Steven Poulton's mining exploration ventures

Steven Poulton, winner of the Young Achiever of the Year Mining Journal award in 2006, talks about being a player in the minerals resource sector.

Mad about materials - David Bott chief executive of Materials UK

David Bott talks about his new role as Chief Executive of Materials UK and his previous career in the world of materials. He also discusses the aims of the organisation, his initial interest in materials, past projects that he has worked on and the importance of materials on design.
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