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Australia’s energy sources

Coal, wind and solar are parts of Australia’s energy mix. But with the states having much responsibility for distribution and technologies, how does the country move towards sustainability?

Repairing the landscape of Brazilian mining

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Another tailings dam failure in Minas Gerais, Brazil, has brought the issue of maintenance and repair back to public awareness. But what happens now? Rhiannon Garth Jones reports.

Making aluminium alloy 7075 weldable

Materials World magazine
Aluminium alloy 7075 can now be made weldable to remove the need for joins and reduce weight. Rhiannon Garth Jones reports.
Plastic bag floating underwater (Shutterstock)

The UK Waste Strategy

Materials World magazine
The UK government recently revealed its new waste strategy. What is being proposed and is it likely to succeed? Rhiannon Garth Jones gets insight. ​
Using the inner shell spectroscopy (ISS) beamline at NSLS-II, to analyse nanomaterials that work as catalysts for fuel cells. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Synthesising catalysts for energy storage

Materials World magazine
Research into catalyst materials for hydrogen fuel cells could significantly reduce the cost of viable renewable energy. Rhiannon Garth Jones reports.

Low carbon or low commitment?

The UK government is keen to burnish its low carbon credentials and has unveiled a variety of measures for doing so over the past two years. But, Rhiannon Garth Jones asks, is it all just (the wrong kind of) hot air?

Mining in space

Luxembourg has passed legislation to enable private companies to mine in space. Is it a fantasy worthy of science fiction or the future of the mining industry? Rhiannon Garth Jones investigates.

Is the resource curse real?

Is it true that countries with an abundance of natural resources have less economic growth, less democracy, and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources? Rhiannon Garth Jones investigates.

Q&A – Henk van Alphen on the mining industry

Rhiannon Garth Jones talks to Henk van Alphen about his career in the mining industry and why lithium is so important

The latest in mining news

Materials World magazine
From new digital technologies in mining to commodities and mineral deposit classification, Rhiannon Garth Jones looks at the latest in mining news


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