Natalie Daniels

Paper-like battery electrode made with glass-ceramic for space exploration

Materials World magazine
A battery electrode in the form of a paper, made using silicon oxycarbide glass and graphene could be used for space exploration and be suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles

Plant-based biodegradable water bottle fights plastic waste

Materials World magazine
It is estimated that, by 2025, 250 million tonnes of plastic will be polluting oceans, but could new research reduce this figure?

Talking graphene based sportswear with Directa Plus

Materials World magazine
Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus and Laura Giorgia Rizzi, R&D Manager, talk to Natalie Daniels about incorporating graphene into sportswear

Carbon3D's CLIP technology expands 3D printing services

Materials World magazine
Carbon3D’s CLIP technology could lead to new research into the automotive, aerospace and biomedical industries, Natalie Daniels reports

Spray-on ice-repellent coating

Materials World magazine
A team of materials scientists and engineers at the University of Michigan develop durable, inexpensive, spray-on ice repellent coating that changes how ice breaks away from a surface

Talking sustainable packaging with Root Packaging Consultant Tracy Sutton

Tracy Sutton talks about what sustainable packaging really means and what can be done to implement more environmentally friendly solutions

Social media for career development

How can you use social media to enhance your professional development? Natalie Daniels finds out

Talking mining and minerals with Camborne School of Mines professor Frances Wall

Frances Wall discusses her route into mining and how to encourage others into similar career paths

UK groups target paper cup recycling in the UK

Materials World magazine
Steps are being made to reduce the three billion tonnes of UK paper waste

Moth eyes inspire self-cleaning windows

Materials World magazine
A new type of smart window that could cut cleaning costs for tall buildings, while reducing heating bills


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