Natalie Daniels

What are microbeads and should the UK ban them?

Materials World magazine
Will the UK follow the USA’s footsteps and ban microbeads in cosmetics? Natalie Daniels reports

The science behind Vantablack

Materials World magazine
How did scientists discover the blackest substance material known? Natalie Daniels reports

Professor Andrew Livingston talks microporous polymer membranes for chemical seperation

Materials World magazine
Natalie Daniels talks to Professor Andrew Livingston about his team’s recent work developing microporous polymer membranes for chemical separation

Frank Gehry brick façade exposed

Natalie Daniels finds out about Frank Gehry’s unique brick façade

International clay and construction news

Clay Technology magazine
Brick and construction news from across the globe

Industry experts discuss transport infrastructure in the UK

Natalie Daniels speaks to experts in transport about infrastructure in the UK – investments, solutions and planning for the future

Talking aerospace engineering and STEM with Emma England

Having recently won Semta’s Best of British Engineering award, Emma England discusses her career at Airbus and encouraging young people into STEM careers

Daniel Pyke shares his story on changing career paths

Daniel Pyke shares his experience of training in a new field mid-career and offers advice to those thinking of diverting their career path

Professor Rob Shepherd discusses his work developing soft robotics

Materials World magazine
Natalie Daniels talks to Rob Shepherd about his work developing soft robotics and how inspiration taken from bird wings could lead to more versatile aircraft

Hot topic: driverless cars

Materials World magazine
Industry experts provide their thoughts on driverless car technology


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