Natalie Daniels

Talking mining and minerals with Camborne School of Mines professor Frances Wall

Frances Wall discusses her route into mining and how to encourage others into similar career paths

UK groups target paper cup recycling in the UK

Materials World magazine
Steps are being made to reduce the three billion tonnes of UK paper waste

Moth eyes inspire self-cleaning windows

Materials World magazine
A new type of smart window that could cut cleaning costs for tall buildings, while reducing heating bills

Training and education in the clay and construction industry

Natalie Daniels explains how you can raise your profile through training and education while still in work

Biomimicry in fashion and textiles

Natalie Daniels looks at the some of the trends in the world of fashion and biomimicry

Trends in wearable technology

Materials World magazine
Wearable technology has been capturing the headlines. Natalie Daniels looks at some of the current trends

University of Warwick chemist develops world's first ibuprofen patch

Materials World magazine
Having recently created the world’s first ibuprofen skin patch, David Haddleton talks to Natalie Daniels about developing the new drug delivery system

Packaging trends for 2016 – Sustainability, flexibility and barrier films

Materials World magazine
Sustainability has been an important focus for packaging over the past few years, but what trends can we expect to see in 2016? Natalie Daniels reports.

Talking 3D printing and innovation with Renishaw engineer Lucy Ackland

Lucy Ackland, a Project Manager at Renishaw, discusses her early career in engineering and bringing together academia and industry

How can the UK close the Valley of Death gap?

Natalie Daniels presents expert opinion on the ‘valley of death’ funding gap and the process between innovation and commercialisation


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