Natalie Daniels

New flywheel system developed by UK-based engineering student

Materials World magazine
Natalie Daniels speaks to Abigail Carson about developing an energy storage system – its design and plans for its commercialisation.

Engineered ‘sand’ to cool electronic devices

Materials World magazine
Researchers develop a new material formed of silicon dioxide nanoparticles coated with a high dielectric constant polymer that resembles sand

How can candidates use LinkedIn for job searching?

Recruiters and candidates can benefit from LinkedIn. Natalie Daniels finds out how

Talking engineering careers and children’s books with Kerrine Bryan

Natalie Daniels hears from Kerrine Bryan about her career as an electrical engineer and what inspired her to write a series of children's books based on engineering and science

The materials behind the Tate Modern extension

Natalie Daniels takes a closer look at the revamp of the Tate Modern, and finds out why brick prevailed in its construction

Industry news from the clay and construction industries

Clay Technology magazine
Natalie Daniels looks at the latest news in the clay and construction industry

Swansea University develop a new coating to tackle corrosion in steel

Materials World magazine
Professor Geraint Williams talks to Natalie Daniels about a new coating that could help tackle corrosion in steel

Sensitive Mimosa Pudica plant inspires soft materials

Materials World magazine
Scientists have designed a self-folding material based on the Mimosa Pudica plant, as Natalie Daniels reports

Beatrice wind farm in Scotland gets the go ahead

Materials World magazine
The announcement of a new offshore wind farm is expected to strengthen the UK’s renewable energy generation, as Natalie Daniels reports

University of Vienna scientist creates stable carbyne for the first time

Materials World magazine
Researchers in Austria have produced a stable form of carbyne in mass amounts. Natalie Daniels talks to Professor Thomas Pichler about creating the next potential wonder material


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