Natalie Daniels

Burkina Faso emerges as a key African mining state

Michael Schwartz takes a look at several key mining projects in Burkina Faso.

Q&A on vanadium mining

Mark Smith speaks to Natalie Daniels about vanadium mining and why greater use of existing technology is needed in the mining sector.

Q&A with plastics packaging expert Bruce Margetts

Natalie Daniels talks to Bruce Margetts about his career in plastics packaging, the challenges facing the industry and why Brexit might not be a bad thing for it.

Materials for improved health and wellbeing

Dr Clare Perkins and Emily Walport describe the factors that are driving the development of lower emission materials and reducing hazardous content in construction and design.

Q&A with Rhys Archer, winner of I’m an Engineer get me out of here

From investigating carbon composites to winning I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here, Rhys Archer discusses her winding path into materials science

The latest mining news – January 2017

Materials World magazine
Yorkshire potash mine construction to start and 2030 is the finnish line for coal

Defence testing: materials development and characterisation

To ensure safety and reliability across the UK defence sector, the testing of materials is fundamental to the development of new equipment, as Eoin O’Keefe explains.

Mining in Turkey

Michael Schwartz takes a look at the state of play in Turkey and why it is business as usual following the failed military coup.

Roundtable: What could Brexit mean for the UK’s mining industry?

Ledetta Asfa-Wossen asks the experts what Britain’s departure from the EU could mean for business, R&D and health and safety in the mining industry.

Renewable materials: a truly circular economy?

Mandy Kelly argues that renewable materials from bio-based sources can help create a circular economy.


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