Natalie Daniels

An interview with the Dyson Chair of Ceramics – Professor Ian Reaney

Materials World magazine
Professor Ian speaks to Natalie Daniels about designing and developing new ceramics

Building out of poverty

The future of urban development requires planning and appropriate materials. Alastair Marsh argues that geopolymers could be a part of the solution.

Clay history unearthed

Ancient clay dug up from underneath London Bridge railway station has inspired a new series of artworks. Natalie Daniels explains.

Q&A – Keith Aldis Chief Executive of the BDA

Natalie Daniels talks to Keith Aldis, the new chief executive of the BDA, about his plans for the organisation and why brick is favourable in the construction industry.

Q&A – Rebecca Larkin

Rebecca Larkin tells natalie daniels about the challenges facing the construction industry and why brick captures headlines for the wrong reasons.

Materials development for additive manufacturing

Dr Kambiz Kalantari examines the benefits of Lucideon’s MIDAR technology for high-temperature additive manufactured materials.

Scratching the surface

Dr Martin Kemp looks at the ongoing developments in nanoenabled surfaces.
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Bringing graphene research to market

New research into graphene sheets could provide an important role in the commercialisation of the 2D nanomaterial, as Dr Andrew Pollard explains.

Thermogravimetry: the evaluation and classification of plastics

Dr G Kaiser, Dr E Moukhina and Dr A Schindler discuss the importance of thermogravimetric analysis for polymer blends and mixtures.

Burkina Faso emerges as a key African mining state

Michael Schwartz takes a look at several key mining projects in Burkina Faso.


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