Natalie Daniels

Robot brickies could help humans

Clay Technology magazine
A new bricklaying technology could bring robotics and automation onto construction sites in the UK. Natalie Daniels reports.

Exploring the world’s hottest hole

Iceland is tapping into hot magma to create a natural wealth of energy. Natalie Daniels looks at how the country is benefitting from exploring geothermal wells.

Q&A with Daniel Meilán

Materials World magazine
Having been appointed National Mining Secretary for Argentina for the second time, Daniel Meilán talks to Natalie Daniels about the country’s current state of play and how he is trying to change public perception of the mining industry.

Young Persons' Lecture Competition Final 2017

The winners from this years 2017 National Final of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Getting back to nature

New industrial applications highlight the breadth and depth of innovation that can be found when looking to nature, as Iris Anderson, Chris Holland and Angela Morris explain.

The science of recycled polymer composites

The future is strong for engineered recycled polymer composites, argues Professor Alma Hodzic.

Q&A – George Roach

Natalie Daniels talks to George Roach about a new lithium and tantalum mine in South Africa and how diamond drilling is helping to understand the geology of the mine.

Q&A on new and advanced materials

Professor Philip Withers discusses his work understanding new materials and why there is still the same level of innovation and excitement around materials science as in the past century.

The fast-forged process: titanium vs steel

Dr Martin Jackson argues for a new hybrid solid-state process that will support the expansion of titanium alloy use in aircraft.

Known unknowns

Robert Fell argues against the misconceptions over metal recycling in the UK and explains why stainless steel is leading the charge in the recycling sector.


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