Michael Schwartz

Panama’s growing mining economy

Michael Schwartz discusses the fastest growing sector of Panama’s economy.

Mining report: Kenya Vision 2030 opens mining opportunities

While new to advanced mining, Kenya is already exhibiting an array of interesting operations.

Mining Report: Safety is paramount in Western Australian mining

Policies in Australia’s largest state aim to minimise personal risk in its mining operations.

Rare earths in plentiful supply

Worldwide developments are affecting consumption and supply of rare earths.

Mining report: Guatemala

Côte d’Ivoire has emerged as a crucial player in the international gold supply chain.

Mozambique’s graphite grandeur

Explore mining in the country with the world’s largest natural.

Yukon’s minerals remain untapped in 2019

Michael Schwartz looks at the mainly untapped Canadian territory that is Yukon.

Peru’s mining industry grows

One of Latin America’s ore giants is growing in size and global influence.

Deep-sea mining opens mineral opportunities on the seabeds

Better harvesting methods would help unlock the opportunities seabed minerals can offer.

Zinc, gold mining in Ireland flourish

Ireland has had several mines close down, but it still ranks highly for policy and investment.


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