Michael Forrest

Exploring the money

Michael Forrest* explores the financing and exploration side of the mining sector, and takes a look at the FINEX conference ahead of its 2018 event.

From mine to market - the rising cost of infrastructure

Michael Forrest talks to Ian Brown, Consulting Practice Director at Canadian engineering company Hatch, about the rising costs of infrastructure.

Digging deep - shaft sinking, design and construction

Michael Forrest talks to Alan Auld about the history of shaft sinking.

Good as gold - Commodity Day 2009

Michael Forrest reviews the IOM 3 2009 Commodity Day, held on 24 November in London, UK, which focused on gold.

Shining on – the diamond trade

Diamond markets are changing and companies are having to change with them.

A mining rebirth? - Historic US mines

The Wilson and Wheeler mines in the USA may produce gold again. Historically yielding high levels of the metal the sites are again under the spotlight.

Qualified and professional - reporting exploration results

The issues surrounding accountability for reporting exploration results.

Opening up oilsands - extraction processes for the Canadian oilsands

Nexen Inc claims to be pioneering the next generation of oilsands development in Canada, we look at its extraction process.

Platinum Jubilee – processing developments

Company and processing developments in the Bushveld, South Africa.

Zimbabwe – a new beginning? The outlook for mining in the country

From the Materials World archives: a report from the 6th Annual International Mining in Africa Conference held on 23 June 2009 in London, UK, in which Morgan Tsvangirai, then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, gave the keynote address and spoke of his plans for the country and its development.


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