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Plots marked on the slope where biochar was applied. Photo: Andrew Harley

Reducing soil acidity in abandoned mines

Materials World magazine
A charcoal-like substance is being used to reduce the acidity of soil in abandoned mines. Mining of precious metals in the western United States has resulted in around 160,000 abandoned...
We've all done it... (Photo: Burdun Iliya)

No more shattered screens?

Materials World magazine
Researchers have developed a new hybrid electronic material. Most of us have experienced that awful moment – a smartphone slips out of your hand, seemingly in slow motion, towards a...

Crystal paths uncovered

Materials World magazine
Tweaking a molecule's structure can send it down a different path to crystallizsation

Superconducting nanomaterial is flexible as cling film

Materials World magazine
Experimental physicists at Saarland University, Germany, have developed a thin nanomaterial with superconducting properties.

Photoluminescent sensor can be re-used

Materials World magazine
A new kind of sensor molecule brightens up when the material they are incorporated into comes under heavy mechanical stress.
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