Khai Trung Le

Getting to the centre of corrosion

Materials World magazine
A BP/academic programme looks to explore the fundamentals of corrosion. Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Philip Withers on the project’s goals and expected outcomes.

Country report: India

Materials World magazine
With a third of the population living without reliable electricity access and the country’s significance in meeting global Paris Agreement targets, India’s energy landscape in recent years has been chameleonic. Khai Trung Le looks at how India’s reliance on coal straddles its renewable ambition.

Moving on with HS2

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le looks at the latest news around HS2 as Phase 2b starts to take shape.

Q&A – Peter Sharp

Khai Trung Le talks to Michelmersh’s Peter Sharp on his extensive experience in the ceramics industry, current challenges and how the big four companies have changed the shape of the industry

Gender diversity on construction boards falling

Clay Technology magazine
Construction falls behind power generation and oil and gas, among other sectors, in the number of women sitting on construction executive committees, according to a new report by the Pipeline

Turning CO2 to graphene superconductors

Materials World magazine
A new process not only turns CO2 into 3D graphene but instils a microporous surface that makes it an efficient supercapacitor.

Material marvels: Hanford B nuclear reactor

On 26 September 1944, a first sustained nuclear chain reaction at a new reactor began. Its purpose was not to prove whether fission could be achieved or sustained, but to explore its weaponised potential. Khai Trung Le looks at Hanford B, the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor.

Painting hydrogen power

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le talks to Dr Torben Daeneke about a proof-of-concept semiconducting ink capable of producing hydrogen from water vapour when exposed to sunlight.

Softly does it at the Rubbery Robotics event

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le looks at the latest developments in soft robotics profiled at the REIG’s Rubbery Robotics event.

Refining metals with melanin

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le talks to associate professor Jean-Philip Lumb on replacing chlorine and hydrochloric acid with less energy- and risk-intensive reagents with a skin-deep process.


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