Khai Trung Le

Training centre seeks to boost water treatment sector

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le looks at how the new Clearwater Technology training facility aims to address the skills shortage impacting the water treatment sector.

Solar efficiency in Norway

Materials World magazine
Eivind Johannes Øvrelid talks to Khai Trung Le on work to determine how efficient solar cells can operate in rain and snow.
An aerial view of Ward's new deep sea export terminal

New dock for scrap metal export

Materials World magazine
Waste management company Ward is opening a deep sea export dock at Immingham to expand its metal export business.

The rise and fall of Mexican oil and gas

Materials World magazine
After 75 years of state activity, Mexico opens its door to outside involvement in the country’s oil and gas sector to shore up the diminishing sector. But with a forthcoming election, how sustainable are the reforms? Khai Trung Le reports.

Screening for pesticides using magnetic nanoparticles

Materials World magazine
The use of magnetic nanoparticles to extract synthetic pesticides can reduce the screening process by four hours. Khai Trung Le talks to Assistant Professor Yang Hongshun about his team’s new method.

Diving into nuclear ponds

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le talks to Steve Franks on the use of scuba divers to clear the Sizewell A nuclear fuel storage pond.

Diamond anvils lead to first chemical reactions by mechanical pressure

Materials World magazine
The use of diamond molecular anvils in the first chemical reactions by mechanical pressure could lead to a new field of mechanosynthesis. Khai Trung Le reports.

O&G earthquakes blight southern Kansas

Materials World magazine
Justin Rubinstein talks to Khai Trung Le about the study of Kansas earthquakes induced from oil and gas wastewater disposal.

Balsa wood transformed to wood carbon sponge

Materials World magazine
The balance between softness and sturdiness made balsa wood’s natural structure the choice to transform into a sponge capable of enduring extreme mechanical conditions.

USA updates critical minerals list

Materials World magazine
Following updates to the 23-strong list of minerals deemed critical to the USA, President Donald Trump signed an executive order strengthening internal production. Khai Trung Le investigates.


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