Khai Trung Le

Kit Malthouse named UK Housing Minister

Clay Technology magazine
The relatively unknown Malthouse is now the eighth Housing Minister in as many years. Khai Trung Le looks at his political history.

Have we found a successor for TNT?

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le talks to David Chavez about a melt-cast bis- oxadiazole compound that could be the ideal replacement for the longstanding and toxic explosive, TNT.

Splitting the water atom

Materials World magazine
A new theoretical material could split water into hydrogen and oxygen, lending new strengths for solar energy.

Making a new nickel

Materials World magazine
The cost of manufacturing coins now outstrips their actual value. Is developing new alloys the solution? Khai Trung Le talks to Eric Lass on his recent work redesigning the US nickel.

Alchemy and materials science

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le explores the strands between alchemy, religion, and materials science.

First images of conjugated polymers

Materials World magazine
Capturing the camera-shy defects in conjugated polymers has been resolved with a surprisingly straightforward technique. Khai Trung Le reports.

An extremely stressed microscope

Materials World magazine
A microscopy technique that can track microstructural changes in real time and when the material is exposed to extreme heat and stress has been developed by North Carolina State University, USA.

Silicon sandwich

Materials World magazine
As silicon-based solar cells approach their maximum theoretical efficiency, perovskite-silicon double junction cells could be the next standard form for solar cells.

Dreadnoughts dominate MoD budget

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le looks at the new submarines bolstering the UK nuclear arsenal, and recent issues that may jeopardise their deployment.

New composites from invasive species

Materials World magazine
A new composite merging wood pulp and dried tunicates seeks to emulate the mechanical properties of natural composites. Khai Trung Le reports.


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