Khai Trung Le

British Plastics Federation's Philip Law talks injection moulding

The British Plastics Federation’s Philip Law guides us through the changes in injection moulding

The materials used in Mir and ISS

Materials World magazine
The construction materials used in Soviet Russia’s Mir space station were very similar to those used in the ISS. Ashley Cooper illustrates

Touchscreen technology – the challenges, materials and new developments

Materials World magazine
A look at the latest challengers to indium tin oxide’s long hold on the technology industry

German fusion reactor achieves first plasma

Materials World magazine
After producing first helium plasma, what next for the world’s largest fusion stellarator?

Automation in materials preparation and manufacture

Khai Trung Le speaks with Struers’ Lee Cobb on automation in materials preparation and manufacture

Pure titanium stronger than alloys

Materials World magazine
A newly discovered technique is claimed to produce pure metals stronger than alloys without sacrificing ductility

The future of carbon capture and storage

Materials World magazine
What does the withdrawal of the £1bln CCS Competition mean for the future of homegrown carbon capture?

Shaking our world - Technology at the Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Liz Carter, University of Sydney, discusses the technology used at the Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility

Spotlight – Perfect process

Get the best out of your products through mastery of materials processing

Spotlight – making the grade

With ensuring quality as integral as successful business as ever, Khai Trung Le looks at the latest innovations.


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