Khai Trung Le

Q&A – ICTa Technical Certificate students

Students from Ibstock Bricks and Wiernerberger talk to Khai Trung Le on their experiences on the ICTa Technical Certificate in Clay Building Products

The construction of the 127-year Brighton College’s Cairns Tower

Clay Technology magazine
After a 127-year wait, Brighton College’s Cairns Tower is completed with 1,650 handmade bricks.

Spotlight: a focused inspection

FEI Company’s Ernst Jan Vesseur discusses the forthcoming launch of the Apreo SEM and the company’s contribution to microscopy

Lancaster’s material growth

Materials World magazine
The soft opening of the Lancaster University Materials Science Institute promises great strides for UK collaboration

Copper electrodes may save steel industry

Materials World magazine
A new high-efficiency copper fibre electrode could make emissions-heavy industries more sustainable

Europe and Japan zigzag towards graphene

Materials World magazine
A new method to form zigzags in graphene nanoribbons may finally awaken their potential as a semiconductor material

Tweezers made of lasers

Materials World magazine
Lasers could offer new capabilities in microscopic manufacture

Capturing water from thin air

Materials World magazine
Beetles, cacti and pitcher plants inspire faster collection of water droplets

Combining rare earths and silicon for better computing

Materials World magazine
By integrating photonic capabilities, rare earth elements may enable the continual use of silicon in the next generation of telecommunications and computing systems

Spotlight – testing and inspection

Phased array technology, disruptive fundraisers and an NDT market worth US$4.78bil are among the latest developments in the testing and inspection sector.


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