Kathryn Allen

BDA Brick Awards 2016

Clay Technology magazine
A selection of standout winners from the 2016 BDA Brick Awards

IOM3 helps launch a 21st Century PEI initiative

Materials World magazine
Professional Engineering Institutions’ Chief Executives explain the 21st Century PEI initiative and what it is hoping to achieve.

WEST tokamak produces first plasma

Materials World magazine
The WEST project’s success in producing its first plasma allows it to test materials for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Kathryn Allen reports.

60 seconds on...robot skin

Materials World magazine
What is it? A technology that allows robots to feel their surroundings internally, similar to how humans feel things. Who created it? A Cornell University, USA, group, led by Robert...

Next-generation data storage could be made of perovskite

Materials World magazine
A modified perovskite photovoltaic material could be used to create high-capacity data storage devices.

Reviewing the peer review process

A new study has found that a small percentage of scientists are undertaking a disproportionate percentage of peer reviews. Kathryn Allen takes a look at the peer review process.

Cement examined as a carbon sink

Materials World magazine
New research into the carbonation of cement could improve its environmental reputation, Kathryn Allen reports.

60 seconds on…BODIPY

Materials World magazine
A glow-in-the-dark dye ideal for use in rechargeable batteries


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