Kathryn Allen

New technologies harness solar power

Materials World magazine
Two new technologies offer solutions to the issue of harnessing solar power.

60 seconds on...a silk sensor

Materials World magazine
What is it? A nanoscale probe, known as a mechanophore and made from the dye rhodamine spirolactam, implanted into a lightweight composite. The composite is made of epoxy and silk...

Hydronium-ion battery is world’s first

Materials World magazine
A new battery has the potential to provide sustainable, high-power energy storage.

Biomedical use for tick ‘cement’

Materials World magazine
The sticky substance used by ticks to anchor to their prey has potential as a bioadhesive. Kathryn Allen reports.

60 seconds on…conductive graphene inks

Materials World magazine
What are they? Printable inks with high concentrations of graphene flakes, of up to 100g per litre. Who created them? Researchers in the Graphene Flagship, led by researchers from the...

Borophene’s unlocked potential

Materials World magazine
Future applications of one-atom-thick boron have been uncovered thanks to a happy accident.

Bone inspires answer to metal fatigue

Materials World magazine
A team of researchers have discovered a way to reduce the effects of metal fatigue caused by repeated stress or loading.

The pros and cons of a career break

Career suicide or an opportunity to reset the work-life balance? Kathryn Allen looks at the concerns over, and benefits of, taking a career break.

Q&A – Dr Maria Ribera Vicent

Kathryn Allen speaks to Dr Maria Ribera Vicent about her career to date, being awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship and the effects of a career break on career progression and networking.

60 seconds on...bone-healing nanofibres

Materials World magazine
60 seconds on...bone-healing nanofibres What are they ? Thin-film and fibrous biomaterials with similar structures and regeneration rates to that of bone. Who created them? Jani Holopainen, a doctoral researcher...


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