Kathryn Allen

Hydrogel laminate may improve catheters and condoms

Materials World magazine
An MIT-developed hydrogel laminate material can be embedded with drugs and coated onto elastomer products. Kathryn Allen reports.

Brittle phases of steel production controlled

Materials World magazine
A newly developed processing route allows high-strength, lightweight steels to be made. Kathryn Allen reports.

60 seconds on snake robots

Materials World magazine
What are they? Snake-like robots that could be used to carry out inspection and maintenance work on the International Space Station (ISS). While the researchers are yet to determine the...

World’s first building made from hardwood CLT

Materials World magazine
First used publicly in 2013, American tulipwood cross-laminated timber has been used to build a cancer support centre in Oldham, UK.

‘Ferroelectrochemistry’ could improve transistors and printed electronics

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), Sweden, have applied a thin layer of a ferroelectric material onto an electrode in organic electrochemical devices and circuits.

Q&A with Viacheslav Zyrin

Kathryn Allen talks to Viacheslav Zyrin, Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg Mining University, Russia, about the benefits of becoming chartered.

Back to school

Kathryn Allen speaks to three professionals about the benefits of further study to professional development.

The benefits of chartership

Kathryn Allen looks at the benefits of becoming chartered.

60 seconds on… the world’s thinnest metallic nanowire

Materials World magazine
What is it? A one-dimensional wire made of a single line of tellurium atoms and encased in thin carbon nanotubes (CNTs), measuring one nanometre in diameter. Who is involved? Researchers...

Concrete study evaluates fly ash, slag and silica fume

Materials World magazine
Supplementary cementitious materials could help to reduce the damaging impact of de-icing salt on roads. Kathryn Allen reports.


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