Kathryn Allen

Reaching new heights

Materials World magazine
Norway is to build the world’s tallest timber building.

Let’s get technical

Kathryn Allen looks at how the apprenticeship levy is shaping UK investment in technical education.

Q&A – Peter Winebloom

Kathryn Allen talks to Peter Winebloom, Technical Training Director at EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation, UK, about his career to date, technical training and the apprenticeship levy.

Felted nanotubes form strong networks

Materials World magazine
A wet chemical infiltration process allows carbon nanotubes to be combined with other materials without losing properties, forming a network that can enhance battery power. Kathryn Allen reports.

Imaging 17th century art

Materials World magazine
A non-destructive imaging technique may offer a greater insight into 17th century art. Kathryn Allen reports.

A beautiful mess

Materials World magazine
A control sample gone wrong proves worthy of a photography prize.

A steel lecture in a steel city

Materials World magazine
The Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture, organised by the Institute's Iron and Steel Society, was held on 10 November in Sheffield, UK, a city known for its history of steel production. Kathryn Allen reports.

Advanced Engineering 2017

Materials World magazine
In its ninth year, Advanced Engineering 2017 brought together experts from the composites industry, discussing how to overcome the uncertainty caused by Brexit and if automation is the answer. Kathryn Allen reports.

More than a sign: London Underground’s iconic tiles

Kathryn Allen takes a look at the iconic ceramic tiles and signage used on the London Underground.

Q&A – Kirsten Bodley

Kathryn Allen speaks to Kirsten Bodley, Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Engineering Society, about her career to date and good management practice.


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