Kathryn Allen

Q&A – Dr Lilian Hodgson

Kathryn Allen talks to Dr Lilian Hodgson FIMMM about choosing a career path and maintaining a work–life balance.

Time to levy change?

Kathryn Allen takes a look at recent reports on the apprenticeship levy.

Training for a digital world

Kathryn Allen examines what digitalisation could mean for career paths and job requirements.

Materials solutions to global problems

Materials World magazine
Combining the 20 th Kelly Lecture and the Gordon Seminars, the Armourers and Brasiers’ Cambridge Forum covered a range of materials science topics, including batteries, multifunctional nanomaterials, and spectral conversion materials. Kathryn Allen reports.

Lower price for 3D-printed prosthetics

Materials World magazine
3D printing is being used to lower the cost of pricey robotic prosthetics. Kathryn Allen reports.

Materials Marvels: A strategic waterway

A major part of global trade routes, the Panama Canal celebrated its centenary in 2014. However, the first attempt to build the canal failed. Kathryn Allen examines how the waterway, nevertheless, became a vital access point.

Aquatic life suffers under coal mining

Materials World magazine
Current US regulations are found to be insufficient to protect fish, salamanders, and invertebrates from the impacts of mining waste. Kathryn Allen reports.

Nanocage for efficient hydrogen storage

Materials World magazine
A project aiming to improve the safety and efficiency of hydrogen storage is developing composite materials to allow controllable release of the gas. Kathryn Allen reports.

Caffeine kick for polymer gels

Materials World magazine
New polymer gels, catalysed with caffeine, could be used for drug delivery. Kathryn Allen reports.

Printing property

Clay Technology magazine
A collaboration between a construction firm and non-profit organisation could see 3D-printed homes for developing countries.


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