James Perkins

Material Marvels: Synthetic rubber and the artificial heart

James Perkins investigates the surprising connection between yoga pants and artificial hearts.

The contrasting tale of two Australian steel companies

BHP spun out two steel companies when it merged with Billiton and focused on mining. At the end of 2016, one is booming, the other is bust. James Perkins looks at why.

The future of nuclear waste storage

The world’s high-level nuclear waste largely sits above ground in temporary storage, awaiting a more permanent home. James Perkins reports on the future

The search for a new dental amalgam

Dental silver amalgam has been the dominant tooth filling for 200 years, but its days are numbered. James Perkins found out why, and what its replacement might be.

Q&A with Dr Andrew Pollard on standardising graphene

Dr Andrew Pollard talked to James Perkins about leading the National Physical Laboratory's efforts to standardise and characterise graphene

Oil and gas wells and their integrity

Materials World magazine
James Perkins reports from UK Shale Gas 2016: The Engineers Summit

Mesoporous electrodes boost Li-ion batteries

Materials World magazine
Battery chemist Peter Bruce gave an insight into the future of batteries at Café Nano in London. James Perkins reports.

Drones to explore flooded mines in Europe

Materials World magazine
Advances in artifical intelligence, data gathering and communications will allow team of auotonomous drones to unveil the secrets of long-flooded mines

New rubber stretches 5,000% at break

Materials World magazine
A team at Gelest has developed an ultra stretchy rubber that shows no sign of cross-linking between molecules

Metalysis’ Dion Vaughan talks 3D printing

Metalysis’ proof-of-concept metallic powder plant will be bringing the company to the forefront of 3D printing


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