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Come in: the self-maintaining wood cabin

Materials World magazine
With no road access, this emergency shelter in the Norwegian mountains was assembled to be almost maintenance-free.

The brick detector

Materials World magazine
Researchers have found a way to determine whether clay bricks have ever been near a radiological source, and identify the specific type of source, such as high enriched uranium or plutonium.

Bury it

Materials World magazine
With plastic packaging under attack for its environmental credentials, how can its design be improved for reuse and how viable are alternative wrapping materials? Ines Nastali investigates.

Second lease of life

Materials World magazine
A UK company reuses ring pulls to design sustainable luxury handbags.

The breakdown

At ClayTech UK 2017, speakers looked at the challenges and opportunities ahead for the clay and brick industries. Ines Nastali attended the event and learnt, with Brexit bringing change, UK-wide initiatives are needed and being welcomed.

Fancy façade

Cartwright Gardens is located in the middle of central London, surrounded by a Georgian garden square. Opposite sits a newly built student hall featuring a 4,500m 2 brick façade that was delivered using off-site construction. Ines Nastali reports.


Clay Technology magazine
After his father died, Danish artist Dan Stockholm created a special memorial.

Q&A: Tidal engineering

Mike Unsworth is the director of engineering and construction at Tidal Lagoon Power. Here, the mechanical engineer tells Ines Nastali what materials will be used to build the planned tidal power lagoons in Wales and explains how to maintain them.

Red Sea surface waters contain little plastic

Materials World magazine
The Red Sea has relatively low amounts of floating plastic debris in its surface waters due to fewer sources or faster removal, research by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia, has found.

Material Marvels: Tame the river

In the 1930s, during a time of global depression, the Hoover Dam project brings work to the western American states and valuable lessons for future dam engineering. Ines Nastali reports.


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