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Q&A with Sharon Harris from Forterra

Forterra Plant Manager at the aircrete block production facility in Hams Hill, Coleshill, UK, Sharon Harris, speaks to Idha Valeur about her career in construction. Appointed to the position in July 2018, making her the company’s first female plant manager, Harris is responsible for overseeing the production of construction products including Thermalite aircrete blocks.

A landmark will use one million bricks from Ibstock on its façade

Clay Technology magazine
A planned Midlands landmark will use one million bricks as a symbol of hope.

Making construction smarter with digital twin software and sensors

Clay Technology magazine
Digital twin software and sensor technology has helped make the construction process of a new concrete deck at London City airport more efficient. Idha Valeur reports.

Bacteria-structures for construction materials

Clay Technology magazine
A material that can heal itself and reproduce has been engineered to offer a low-carbon option for the construction industry. Idha Valeur finds out how it works.

Removing arsenic from drinking water with rust

Materials World magazine
Filtering arsenic from groundwater using rust can lead to safer drinking water for people living in rural areas. Idha Valeur investigates.

The Wasl tower with the world's tallest ceramic façade is under construction

Materials World magazine
The world’s tallest ceramic façade is under construction in Dubai, as part of a tower that is said to breathe in the desert heat.

Growing bone substitute materials

Materials World magazine
A new approach to an old method could help create structures that can repair damaged bones. Idha Valeur finds out how it works.

PolyKARD prints polymeric tissue for hearts

Materials World magazine
Elastic photourethane resins have been created in a step torwards making pericardial implants that mimic real human tissue. Idha Valeur reports.

A new hydrogel coating prevents ice formation in three ways

Materials World magazine
A new coating could prevent ice from forming in three different ways, thus benefiting several industries including rail and aerospace. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Developing micro-LED technology

Materials World magazine
A university spin-out company is developing the next generation of micro-LED technology which it claims will be ‘commercially game-changing’. Idha Valeur reports.


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