Idha Valeur

Q&A with Mark Watters from The BidBase

Idha Valeur talks to Mark Watters, Managing Director of The BidBase, about bid writing, common mistakes, how to avoid them and what makes a good bid writer.

Printing composite parts with a high cellulose content

Materials World magazine
Structural materials may be produced with a higher cellulose content. Idha Valeur asks how it was done and why it matters.

How a pigment can enhance near infrared imaging

Materials World magazine
An ancient pigment, Egyptian Blue, brings novel capabilities to near infrared imaging. Idha Valeur reports.

Making conductive gels stick for biomedical devices

Materials World magazine
Idha Valeur explores how conductive gels can be made to stick to biomedical sensors or microchips even when wet.

Researchers stumbled upon new matter when studying nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
A new state of matter was found when studying 2D materials. Idha Valeur finds out what it could mean for science.

Miniature magnets can improve data processing speeds

Materials World magazine
Data processing may be sped up with a new miniature magnet. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Detecting heavy metals in water with a new device

Materials World magazine
A new device could detect heavy metals in water and dry preserve them for improved quality monitoring. Idha Valeur reports.

Reducing membrane fouling with clay

Materials World magazine
A 2D clay material could solve the biggest headache in membrane technology – fouling. Idha Valeur discovers how it works.

Making solid oxide fuel cells more efficient

Materials World magazine
An alternative design for a recirculation device can make small solid oxide fuel cells more efficient. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Printing lamps with plant-based materials

Materials World magazine
A custom-blend plant material takes centre stage in a new range of interior lighting solutions.


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