Idha Valeur

Biomedical device for health monitoring is powered by sweat

Materials World magazine
An electronic skin powered by sweat offers a new mode for tracking health at molecular levels. Idha Valeur reports.

Creating high-performance plastic with water only

Materials World magazine
Two additional types of organic high-performance polymers may now be produced with hot water. Idha Valeur reports.

Cleaning water using steam

Materials World magazine
A solar-powered steam generator made from natural materials could make it easier and more affordable to purify and desalinate water in undeveloped rural areas. Idha Valeur asks how it works.

3D printing army parts on demand with a new filament

Materials World magazine
A new multi-polymer filament could mean that military components are printable when and where they are needed. Idha Valeur reports.

How post-water treatment steel slag can strengthen concrete

Materials World magazine
Steel slag used to treat wastewater can increase concrete’s strength. Idha Valeur finds out how.

How steel slag can strengthen concrete

Clay Technology magazine
Steel slag can both clean wastewater and increase concrete’s strength. Idha Valeur finds out how.

Clay coating enhances antifouling in membranes

Clay Technology magazine
A 2D clay material could solve the biggest headache in membrane technology – fouling. Idha Valeur discovers how it works.

Brick façade in King's Cross with a nod to railway stations

Clay Technology magazine
New residential homes with a red brick façade and rounded arches are a nod to their surroundings in London’s King’s Cross, UK.

Pitching for research funding

Securing funding for research is a job in itself – it requires research. Where to go for help? How to write the application? And how do you make the most of the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls? Idha Valeur explores how best to navigate the funding jungle.

Q&A with Mark Watters from The BidBase

Idha Valeur talks to Mark Watters, Managing Director of The BidBase, about bid writing, common mistakes, how to avoid them and what makes a good bid writer.


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