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Laboratory studies of earthquakes easier with soft materials

Materials World magazine
Studying earthquakes in a laboratory has become easier after researchers found soft materials that behave similarly under stress. Idha Valeur reports.

Q&A with Natalie Desty from STEM Returners

STEM Returners Founder and CEO, Natalie Desty, talks to Idha Valeur about setting up an organisation that helps candidates re-enter the workforce and reinvigorate their careers.

Returning to work after a career-break, where to go for help?

Re-entering the workforce after a career break, no matter the reason, can be intimidating and challenging. How do you explain a CV-gap? How do you stay up-to-scratch on skills? How do you retain the same seniority as when you left? All are valid concerns and, luckily, ones you can get help with. Several trusts, firms and companies offer advice, programmes and returnships to help people back into work no matter the reason for the pause. Here, Idha Valeur talks to returnees about where to go for support and what to expect when reaching out for help.

Material Marvels: The Vespa

Piaggio’s most iconic product was revealed in the Rome Golf Club in 1946 – a scooter named Vespa. Idha Valeur looks at the history behind the creation, its evolution and the materials used.

Controlling heat with ceramic nanotubes

Materials World magazine
New ceramic nanotubes could prolong aircraft engine coatings by controlling high-temperature heat radiation. Idha Valeur reports.

Eliminating cracks in 3D printed metal

Materials World magazine
A 3D printing laser technique could create metal alloy components with increased damage tolerance and resistance to high temperatures. Idha Valeur reports.

New turbine oil improves efficiency

Materials World magazine
A new oil is claimed to improve bearing and turbine efficiency. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Reducing tissue growth around pacemakers

Materials World magazine
A membrane with a special surface structure has proven successful at reducing tissue growth around pacemakers resulting in simpler replacement surgeries. Idha Valeur reports.

Protecting military dogs' hearing with flexible materials

Materials World magazine
A new type of flexible wearable gear helps protect the sensitive hearing of military dogs.

Commercialising graphene products

Materials World magazine
Graphene Flagship is launching eleven new projects to help prototypes enter the market commercially. Idha Valeur reports.


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