Guy Richards

The metals critical list

Which metals could be in dangerously short supply in five or 10 years’ time and how do we know? Guy Richards reports

Modular plants in mining

Guy Richards looks at a possible solution for investment and capital for the mining industry – modular plants

Mining downturn bad news for OEMs

As the protracted downturn in mining keeps mining OEMs on the back foot, Guy Richards reports on new research that could add to their woes

Illegal mining: the threats

Possible solutions to address the threats in mine security

Productivity in mining machines

Guy Richards looks at improving productivity in the mining sector

Deep thinking

A research group in Australia are finding new ways to mine mineral resources more quickly, safely and cheaply. Guy Richards reports
By imaging the Yilgarn Craton, researchers mapped the craton’s 3D architecture to explain why komatiites are localised in specific belts.

Going with the flows

A new way of mapping ancient lava streams in the Earth’s crust could have huge implications for discovering new ore bodies. Guy Richards reports

The only way is up

New research shows having more women in the top mining jobs can bring bottom-line benefit. Guy Richards reports

Not a waste

Mine wastewater treatment services and technologies look set to become big business again. Guy Richards explains why.

Global incorporated

The Internet of Things promises leaps in mine safety and efficiency, Guy Richards reports


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