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Organic waste – a new resource?

Guglielmo Carra, who leads Arup’s Materials Consulting team in Europe, tells Gary Peters why organic waste should be used as a vital resource in the future.
Fracking has been the target of protests.

Fracking industry could be ‘unviable’

Materials World magazine
Doubts have been raised as to the viability of the UK’s fracking industry, following the government’s refusal to release an internal report.

Material Marvels: Linking a nation

In smaller countries, the links that connect communities rarely register. However, in vast landscapes, across numerous time zones, such as Russia, the importance of transport cannot be overlooked, as Gary Peters reports.

Speeding to a supercapacitive polymer

Gary Peters talks to Dr Maria Asplund, from the Department of Microsystems Engineering, University of Freiburg, Germany, about the SPEEDER project – a plan to create a supercapacitive polymer.

Divers working to remove waste from Sizewell A

Materials World magazine
A new project at Sizewell nuclear power station, UK, is using specialist scuba divers over a 10-month period.

The air-cushioned bridge

Materials World magazine
A wildlife crossing over the future Koralm railway has been constructed using an air cushion underneath concrete.

Encirc opens rail terminal

Materials World magazine
Glass container manufacturer and bottler unveils rail terminal and receives first shipment of recycled cullet.

Material marvels: The birth of the Shinkansen

The Shinkansen, or bullet train as it is affectionately known, redefined rail transport. Making its debut in the 1960s, it presaged a new era of high-speed travel, transforming not just its host country Japan, but also the wider region and the world. Gary Peters reports.

Brexit and plastics

Materials World magazine
The British Plastics Federation warns of costly trade tariffs if the UK fails to secure a Brexit deal with the EU, while concerns regarding workforce are also prevalent. Gary Peters reports.

Plastics from flue gas

Materials World magazine
Research project will look at using flue gas from the steel industry to produce plastics.


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