Fred Starr

Fred Starr recollects: Traitors to the cause?

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr FIMMM explores Britain’s journey with nuclear power.

Fred Starr recollects...

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr on why bearings and hydrogen embrittlement have taught him the value of a second opinion.

Fred Starr recollects - Who are the responsibles?

Fred Starr considers the process of investigations and laying down blame.

Fred Starr recollects...

Fred discusses the pros and cons of modern cataract surgery and replacement eye lenses.

Fred Starr recollects…

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr explores the lost potential of jet engine pioneer Sir Frank Whittle.

Fred Starr recollects

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr considers the importance of investing in new technologies to advance research.

Fred Starr recollects – Another one bites the dust

Looking at the UK’s nuclear power prowess

Success beyond expectation

Fred Starr recollects on a visit to see CR Kennedy and his slag test rig at the Argonne National Labs, and the creation of "black snow".

Fred Starr recollects: travel

Fred Starr takes a trip back to his first time visiting the USA, and the opportunities the country presents.


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