Ellis Davies

Winning the lightweighting race

UK manufacturing is breaking down barriers with a focus on lightweighting . The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is setting out to advance capabilities in the UK.

Q&A with McLaren Automotive

McLaren’s Executive Director for Commercial and Legal, Ruth Nic Aoidh, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s new factory in Sheffield, UK, and its approach to sourcing and manufacture.

Q&A with Vincent Mcllduff from architect firm ALT-254

Vincent McIlduff, Partner and Architect at ALT-254, Hong Kong, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s use of virtual reality in building design.

Social housing: what needs to be done to improve it?

Social housing is suffering in the UK, so what can be done to improve, reform and reassess the way it is approached? Ellis Davies explores the issues.
Andre Boje

Q&A - Andre Boje, CEO of Minergy Limited

Andre Boje, CEO of coal mining and trading company Minergy Limited, talks to Ellis Davies on the company’s Masama coal mine project in Botswana, its investment in mining and the future of coal in the energy mix.
The Balmoral subsea facility

A tour of Balmoral Offshore Engineering's subsea test facility

In October 2018, HRH Prince Charles officially opened Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s subsea test facility in Aberdeen, Scotland, at the conclusion of its two-year £20m investment programme. Ellis Davies talks on the facility, its capabilities and various testing methods.

Q&A with senior design engineer Tony Westerlund from Trelleborg

Trelleborg Senior Design Engineer Tony Westerlund, talks to Ellis Davies about fire protection in offshore oil and gas environments, and the company’s recent DNV-GL certification for its fire protection product.

Additive manufacturing for all

Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly mainstream. Here, Ellis Davies talks to Andy Simpson of Angus 3D Solutions, UK, and Jon Reilly of Markforged , USA, about the benefits and potential barriers of using the technology.
AFRC Rotary Friction Welding team

A look at modern methods of metal forming

Modern day metal forming has come a long way from the traditional hitting with a hammer. Ellis Davies takes a look at modern methods at the centre of forming research and development in Scotland.
Sutton Lake in eastern North Carolina, which serves as cooling ponds for coal-fired power plants. Credit: Jessica Brandt, Duke Univ.

Fish ears can provide data on water contamination

Materials World magazine
Fish ears provide accurate data for analysing water contamination from coal fired plants, as Ellis Davies reports.


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