Derek Allan

Powerful partnership - a UK-US collaboration on energy

UK and US researchers have been working to assist development of energy materials and processes.

Setting the agenda - progress on the Materials UK Strategic Research Agenda

In December 2007, the Energy Materials Working Group of Materials UK launched its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Energy Materials, accompanied by a series of technical reports. Since then, the Group has been implementing the SRA recommendations.

Talking energy

Reviewing a two-day conference and exhibition entitled ‘Energy Materials: Meeting the Challenge’, organised by the Energy Materials Working Group of Materials UK, held at Loughborough University, UK, on 9-10 October. Sessions covered fossil energy, renewables, transmission, nuclear, and distribution and storage, clear and consistent messages and priorities.

Energy materials – meeting the challenge

Derek Allan, chair of the Energy Materials Working Group, reviews the Materials UK Energy Materials Strategic Research Agenda and describes the opportunities it presents.
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