Ceri Jones

Superconducting graphene

Materials World magazine
Superconductivity of graphene may be possible, thanks to a new use of a tried and tested method.

Material Marvels: Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle returned to the public eye when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018. But the castle itself is the star, spanning Norman, gothic, medieval, Tudor, baroque and modern eras and styles. Ceri Jones takes a look at this building so deeply rooted in British history.

3D-printing motion sculptures

Materials World magazine
Video-to-sculpture technology reveals hidden dimensions in movement. Ceri Jones reports.

Using oilfields for carbon capture

Materials World magazine
Pumping more CO2 into oil wells could remove greenhouse gases from the air and make crude oil carbon negative. Ceri Jones reports.

Vietnam builds future on raw bricks

Clay Technology magazine
Vietnam is aiming to increase the number of non-fired adobe bricks it produces, to reduce harmful carbon emissions. Ceri Jones reports.

Self-healing polymers coming soon

Materials World magazine
A breakthrough could help make self-repairing polymers cheaper.

Material Marvels – To Boldly Go…

Materials World magazine
The Space Shuttle Enterprise stands as a testament to the human need to explore and seek answers. Ceri Jones looks at its journey from build to retirement.

Reshaping ceramics with 4D printing

Materials World magazine
A ceramic ink can be 4D-printed and origami folded to create complex structures, such as the Sydney Opera House. Ceri Jones reports on this new hybrid ink.

US Navy wetsuits extend icy dive times

Materials World magazine
Blubber-inspired wet suits that could dramatically increase dive times are being trialled by the US Navy.


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