Ceri Jones

Wastewater solids could make quality house bricks

Clay Technology magazine
Wastewater solids could contribute to making quality housebuilding bricks. Ceri Jones looks at the pros and cons.

Steel to be carbon-neutral by 2040

Materials World magazine
The UK government has launched a new programme to aimed at delivering a cleaner, more sustainable steel industry.
V&A Dundee. Credit: Hufton + Crow

Material marvels: Scotland’s Finest - V&A Dundee

V&A Dundee opened last year, celebrating the country, the local area and its rich design history. Ceri Jones takes a tour of the building.
The ion beamline at Sandia National Labs, USA, where the new radiation damage measurement system has been installed and tested.  Credit – Cody Dennett

Real-time radiation testing

Materials World magazine
Neutron radiation changes to materials can be tracked non-destructively. Ceri Jones spoke to the maker of a new system.

Saudi mining city brings diversity

Materials World magazine
Saudi Arabia’s new mining city will provide security with the chance to diversify from oil. Ceri Jones reports.

Smart hazmat suits based on cactus skin

Materials World magazine
Ageing cactus skin is informing the development of high-tech hazmat suits. Ceri Jones reports.

Particulate Engineering - from feedstock to end use

Materials World magazine
A look back at the successes of the Particulate Engineering for Industry 4.0 event.

Animal chatter speeds up material testing

Materials World magazine
Sonar techniques can characterise soft materials at high speeds and with greater accuracy.

Shape memory alloy reinforces building

Materials World magazine
A new shape-memory alloy that only requires one pre-stressing could improve civil engineering. Ceri Jones reports.

How a mantis shrimp packs a punch

Materials World magazine
Robotics could be improved with super strength shrimp design. Ceri Jones reports.


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