Ceri Jones

Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp deal collapse

Materials World magazine
Tata Steel Limited and Thyssenkrupp AG merger fall-through leaves both firms looking for ways to address debt and keep operations running.

Robot recycling detects metal, paper and plastic

Materials World magazine
A robotic gripper can successfully detect paper, plastic and metal for sorting waste streams.

Glencore mine takeover falls through

Materials World magazine
Aeris Resources drops plans to acquire Glencore copper mine.

New engineering centre for Birmingham

Materials World magazine
Birmingham engineering academy to secure funding in the run-up to launch.

Digitisation in factory production can speed up customisation: Domhnall Carroll of Siemens Ireland

Siemens Ireland’s Domhnall Carroll speaks to Ceri Jones about future factories and manufacturing in Ireland.

SerPET uses raw and reclaimed PET plastics

Irish Composites Centre Researcher, Walter Stanley, talks about a new method for producing a high-grade composite from plastic waste.

Material Marvels: The first pneumatic tyres

Bicycles have been a staple of public transport since the early 1800s, but the invention of pneumatic tyres helped their popularity soar.

New material made for next-generation nuclear

Materials World magazine
Russian scientists create a metal sandwich to improve the performance of nuclear fast reactor rods.

Say no to repellent fabrics

Materials World magazine
Waterproof outerwear is over-engineered using chemicals that should be phased out, say researchers . Ceri Jones looks at the alternatives.

Wooden buildings reach new heights

Materials World magazine
Timber structures are rising in popularity and proposed building regulation changes will allow for even taller wooden towers in some countries. Ceri Jones reports.


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