Ceri Jones

Tata Steel aims for low-carbon

Materials World magazine
Tata Steel Europe pushes for sustainability with multiple initiatives.

Preparing for the steel industry awards

Materials World magazine
The shortlist has been announced for the World Steel Association's Steelie Awards, celebrating innovation and excellence across the steel industry. Ceri Jones finds out more.

Energy from waste debate

Plastic waste is a growing problem in the UK and some parties are divided about incineration to manage it. We look at the facts and speak to industry experts.

Dyeing stone for decorative interiors

Materials World magazine
Creative approaches to finishing and protection are bringing about a revival of natural stonework for decorative interiors.

Controversy over UK shale

Materials World magazine
New research suggests that UK shale gas reserves could be exhausted in less than 10 years – far lower than previously thought. Ceri Jones finds out more.

How graphene deters mosquitoes

Materials World magazine
Graphene proves to protect against mosquito bites and also neutralises their awareness of a human presence. Ceri Jones reports.

Permeable paving and water management

Rising rainfall and urban growth are contributing to greater water management challenges and increased need for sustainable drainage systems to help alleviate the pressure.

Material Marvels – Designing for subculture

Dr Martens boots were a symbol of British craftsmanship and culture for decades, and the brand has successfully allied with multiple diverse groups over the years. How have these boots stood the test of time and what remains of the British manufacturing? Ceri Jones takes a look.

Making new polymers

Materials World magazine
Researchers have proven the effectiveness of using machine-learning to develop new polymers, but are calling for more to be done. Ceri Jones reports.

African yellowcake project marks upturn for uranium

Materials World magazine
A uranium project in Mauritania stands to gain from super-low capital costs. Ceri Jones speaks to Aura Energy.


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