Ceri Jones

Making new polymers

Materials World magazine
Researchers have proven the effectiveness of using machine-learning to develop new polymers, but are calling for more to be done. Ceri Jones reports.

Material Marvels – Designing for subculture

Dr Martens boots were a symbol of British craftsmanship and culture for decades, and the brand has successfully allied with multiple diverse groups over the years. How have these boots stood the test of time and what remains of the British manufacturing? Ceri Jones takes a look.

African yellowcake project marks upturn for uranium

Materials World magazine
A uranium project in Mauritania stands to gain from super-low capital costs. Ceri Jones speaks to Aura Energy.

British Steel buy-out

Materials World magazine
Risk of redundancies as British Steel nears final sale. Ceri Jones reports.

Worthing beach gas leak

Materials World magazine
Gas leak closes down Worthing beach, UK.

Chemical markers improve packaging waste sorting

Materials World magazine
Chemical markers have been proven to quickly and accurately segregate food-grade plastics for recycling. Ceri Jones finds out more.

3D imaging makes for better filtration membranes

Materials World magazine
A new 3D imaging technique is furthering knowledge of fouling with the aim of producing more advanced filtration materials. Ceri Jones finds out how.

Record-breaking concrete pour at Hinkley

Materials World magazine
Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant breaks the record for the largest concrete pour in the UK. Ceri Jones reports.

Nanomaterials are cool

Materials World magazine
Harvesting waste thermal energy using a novel method of producing a thermoelectric nanomaterial. Ceri Jones finds out how.

Next-generation semiconductors

Materials World magazine
Producing sharp-edged nanocrystals could help bring about the next stage in semiconductors, for advanced electronics. Ceri Jones reports.


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