Ceri Jones

Oil industry round up

Materials World magazine
A look at some of the core events in the oil and gas sector.

Tackling lung disease in quarries

Materials World magazine
Training programmes have been launched across Northern Ireland to reduce the higher than average rate of lung disease in quarry workers. Ceri Jones finds out more.

New testing for materials in space

Materials World magazine
Surface materials for next-generation satellites have necessitated new techniques in testing and materials characterisation. Ceri Jones reports.

Nano composite improves air quality

Materials World magazine
A graphene-based photocatalyst lowers levels of atmospheric pollutants better than existing materials. Ceri Jones finds out how.

Gold and climate change

Materials World magazine
How can the global gold industry decarbonise while maintaining robust production and market value? Ceri Jones reports.

BHP switches to renewable energy

Materials World magazine
The mining giant has set in motion plans to use 100% renewable energy at its two copper operations in Chile.

A new pier has opened for a comfortable commute

Materials World magazine
London’s new Royal Wharf Pier opens to offer a more attractive commute.
Bagdad mine, Arizona

AI helps boost copper production

Materials World magazine
Freeport-McMoran is finding success in artificial intelligence systems to increase copper production in North America.

Material Marvels: History of the food can

Invention of the food can changed the way we lived and ate forever, and preservation helped provide greater food security and underpinned industrial, exploration and military advances. Ceri Jones plots the evolution and future of the can.

A microscopic view of life

Materials World magazine
A new super high-speed microscope enables scientists to image living samples and neuron activity in real-time. Ceri Jones reports.


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