Anthony Caggiano

ETH Zurich, Total technology converts carbon dioxide, hydrogen into methanol

Materials World magazine
Palladium-treated indium oxide helps make methanol in new process.

UMC recycle rare earth magnets, make new ones

Materials World magazine
A Texas-based company recycles neodymium-based magnets to make new ones.

Jaguar, BASF recycle plastic in I-Pace part prototype

Materials World magazine
Recycled materials from BASF’s ChemCycling project might lead to recycled plastic components replacing raw materials in cars.

Chris Manning makes niello recipe

Materials World magazine
A canadian self-taught jeweller has made a lead-free alloy that acts as blank ink.

Loch Ness hydropower project rejected

Materials World magazine
A 450MW hydropower project has been halted due to safety concerns by the local council.

Material Marvels: Textiles in couture culture

Look at a collection of materials at the core of couture, through the creativity of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Hydrogen reactor offers pure product streams

Materials World magazine
Pure streams of hydrogen and carbon dioxide can be made in one operation in a reactor, thanks to a material with variable oxygen concentrations.

Origami-style piston improves efficiency

Swapping a piston's solid inner shaft to a collapsible membrane has proven to help drive efficiency in the device, a study has found.

French nuclear whistleblowers report suspected fraud

Materials World magazine
A French nuclear watchdog has received reports of suspected fraud in the country’s nuclear operators.

Scotland announces drinks container deposit scheme

Materials World magazine
Consumers in Scotland will be able to collect 20p back for returning a single-use container made of aluminium, glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).


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