Anthony Caggiano

Solid-state batteries

Ilika Product Commercialisation Manager, Denis Pasero, discusses the prospects of solid-state batteries in electric vehicles with Anthony Caggiano.

Carbon-fibre train bogies

Materials World magazine
The use of carbon-fibre has contributed to a lighter railcar bogie that will help reduce pressure on train tracks. Anthony Caggiano reports.

Flushing the system

Materials World magazine
A repellent coating has been developed to reduce residue sticking to toilets, in a bid to minimise how much water they need to dispose waste. Anthony Caggiano reports.

Norfolk offshore windfarm delayed

Materials World magazine
Concerns about cable mitigation and noise are among the reasons for delays at Norfolk's proposed 1,800MW offshore windfarm. Anthony Caggiano takes a look.

Magnesium alloys for implants

Materials World magazine
A family of magnesium-based alloys that can be resorbed by the body have been developed, revealing mechanistic insights to better predict their degradation rate.

Cerium, hydrogen synthesised

Materials World magazine
The possibility of using cerium and hydrogen together to make a superconductive material has been realised by a multinational group of researchers.

Graphene turns 15

Materials World magazine
Celebrating the 15-year anniversary since graphene was first isolated.

Drax gets approval for gas modification at Selby

Materials World magazine
Coal is set to demise at a power station in North Yorkshire, in a bid to meet government targets.

Trifol turns plastic waste into waxes

Materials World magazine
Plastics destined for the waste heap are being turned into new products that can be used as a drop-in material.

Whaley Bridge dam wall collapse

Materials World magazine
About 1,500 people were evacuated after a section of Toddbrook Reservoir collapsed, threatening to flood a nearby town.


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