Anthony Caggiano

Hydrogen reactor offers pure product streams

Materials World magazine
Pure streams of hydrogen and carbon dioxide can be made in one operation in a reactor, thanks to a material with variable oxygen concentrations.

Origami-style piston improves efficiency

Swapping a piston's solid inner shaft to a collapsible membrane has proven to help drive efficiency in the device, a study has found.

French nuclear whistleblowers report suspected fraud

Materials World magazine
A French nuclear watchdog has received reports of suspected fraud in the country’s nuclear operators.

Scotland announces drinks container deposit scheme

Materials World magazine
Consumers in Scotland will be able to collect 20p back for returning a single-use container made of aluminium, glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Material Marvels: The Notre-Dame fire highlighted timber shortage issues

Policies, trade partnerships and politics can all influence what trees are available to harvest. What happens when the best timber is not available?

Iron Cycle 2019 at IOM3

Materials World magazine
The Iron Cycle (Fe150) conference called upon all ferrous mining stakeholders to work together to help maintain a sustainable industry.

Design for autistic people’s spaces

Materials World magazine
Materials and colour choices that are sensitive to an autistic person’s sensory stimuli can help them enjoy home and work.

Treloar school designs for special educational needs

Materials World magazine
Bespoke objects are helping SEN children and young adults live a more independent life.

Lightyear Foundation helps children learn STEM

Materials World magazine
Streamers and old medical wires are among the materials being used to help children with special needs access STEM content at school.

Recycling steel casings from oil wells

Materials World magazine
Metals from decommissioned oil wells in the North Sea are being repurposed in two major Scottish developments.
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