Anna Ploszajski

Material of the Month – ETFE

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores the material that has formed part one of the most remarkable landmarks in Cornwall.

Material of the month – metal foams

They are found in applications from the automotive industry to biomedical implants and hydrogen-based technologies. This month, Anna Ploszajski investigates metal foams

Material of the month – silicon carbide

It occurs in the extremely rare mineral moissanite, and has been used in various applications from LEDS and composite armour to automotive parts. This month, Anna Ploszajski explores silicon carbide

Material of the month – Quartz

It is one of the best-known minerals on Earth and is fundamental in many rocks. This month, Anna Ploszajski examines the use of quartz.

Material of the month – Bamboo

It is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is great for the environment. What is not to love about bamboo? Anna Ploszajski investigates

Material of the Month – Zeolites

This month, Anna Ploszaski takes a closer look at zeolites

Material of the month – Nickel

From the loose coins in our pockets to turbine blades and rechargeable batteries, they all have one thing in common – nickel

Material of the month – Bone

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to the heel bone – you know how it goes. Anna Ploszajski explores bone.

Material of the month – Chromium

Anna Ploszajski looks at the metal that gives American school buses their unique yellow shade and Harley Davidson engines their flawless sheen – chromium.

The power of hydrogen

A group of PhD students are setting the record straight on hydrogen


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