Anna Ploszajski

Printing fixes

3D printing is making patient care personal. In the coming years we’ll see more prosthetics, implants, organs, and drugs become bespoke to individuals, and 3D printers are set to democratise healthcare across the world. But is this technology being over-promised? Anna Ploszajski investigates.

Hydrogen – the great hope for transport?

Anna Ploszajski examines the current use of hydrogen in the transport sector and its growth potential.

Material Marvels: The Crystal Palace

There are only a few pillars left of what was South London’s Crystal Palace – a glass building that burned down in 1936. Anna Ploszajski writes.

Material of the month – Leather

Anna Ploszajski delves into the history of one of mankind’s longest used natural resources.

Material of the month – rubber

From the playthings of the ancient Mesoamericans to Wellington boots, car tyres to hot water bottles, natural and synthetic rubber has a rich and storied history, as Anna Ploszajski finds out

Material of the month – hemp

From nanotechnology to automotive components and textiles – hemp has a number of diverse applications. This month, Anna Ploszajski discovers the history behind the fibre.

Material of the month – Polycarbonate

From buildings and cars to music and kitchenware, this month, Anna Ploszajski looks at the recyclable plastic polycarbonate

Material of the month – Porcelain

It is a material best known for creating the highest quality fine bone china. This month, Anna Ploszajski discovers the history of porcelain

Material of the Month: Gold

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores gold production, its value throughout history and where it all began

Material of the month – Plutonium

This month, Anna Ploszajski details the discovery of plutonium and its applications since the first discovery


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