Arthur Ng - Hong Kong

Arthur obtained his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 2013. Since then he has been working in AECOM, an international consultant company.

During his first 18 months in the company, he gained project management and design experience working in the West Kowloon Terminus, Express Rail Line Project after which he took on the role of Assistant Resident Engineer in the Central-Wanchai Bypass (CWB) Project. This project aims at providing a strategic route required to relieve the traffic congestion along the northern shore of the Hong Kong Island. His work focused on the construction of a Mined Tunnel which is a large span trinocular drill and break tunnel underneath the over-40-year Cross Harbour Tunnel, which is one of the most challenging and critical tunnel sections in the whole project.

Sequential excavation of large span trinocular section of mined tunnel underneath cross arbour tunnel in Hong Kong

A mined rock tunnel is part of the mega infrastructure Central-Wanchai Bypass (CWB) project, involving 3.7km long dual three-lane road tunnel running along the northern shore of Hong Kong island, passes at an oblique angle beneath the existing Cross Harbour Tunnel (CHT) with just 20m separation. Referring to the strong and massive rock with overall GSI of 70, blasting is suggested to be the most suitable excavation method, however, this was prohibited owing to the close proximity to the heavy traffic load CHT. A sequential drill-and-break excavation method with the application of NGI Q-system allowing observational approach and optimisation of temporary tunnel support was then applied to construct the 50m span trinocular tunnel with sectional area of about 460m2 associated with a comprehensive instrumentation monitoring and protection of CHT.


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