PERC news: Russia and CRIRSCO

Applied Earth Science Division
29 May 2009

PERC manages the CRIRSCO*-GKZ working group on harmonization of Russian and international minerals reporting systems. At a meeting in Moscow on 21-22 October 2008, an agreement was signed with the Russian State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ). The two main points are (a) definition of the conditions for mutual recognition of Competent Persons, and (b) preliminary alignment of the classifications and agreement to produce a detailed conversion handbook before end-2009. More information on, including agreed press announcement. 

The major task being undertaken during 2009 is preparation of the conversion handbook, the intention of which is to enable a Competent Person to report resources and reserves, originally estimated within the Russian system, in CRIRSCO-compliant form without the necessity of going through the entire deposit modelling process from the original data.

*CRIRSCO is the international umbrella committee for standardising the reporting of solid minerals reserves and resources, and includes as its members PERC, JORC, SAMREC, CIM, and other national/regional reporting standards committees.