Applied Earth Science Division - Mission

Our objectives/terms of reference are detailed below

To develop a vibrant technical programme (meetings, conferences, courses, workshops) which is relevant to the current and future needs of Division constituents and financially viable for the IOM3.

To set the quality and coverage of the technical programme to ensure its relevance to the Continuous Professional Development of Division constituents and visibility in the whole materials community

To work within the IOM3 Divisional and Committee structure to deliver a technical programme relevant to the information, training and educational needs of IOM3 members and potential members and encourage cross-divisional working.

To support events and activities co-ordinated by local societies (branches)

To review and develop mutually beneficial working linkages with other professional and scientific institutions and societies in UK and internationally; with a view to ensuring the appeal, relevance and topicality of the technical programme.

To monitor and maintain links with Government and related agencies, relevant bodies and organisations; to provide input, advice, assistance and representation for policy development and initiatives that may impact upon materials and their associated industrial use and application, and the interests of IOM3 members within the scope of the Division.

To prepare, bid, and work within budgets set by the Industry and Technology Policy Board and the Finance and General Purposes Board.

To recommend to the Industry and Technology Policy Board recipients for the Institute's prizes and awards relating to Applied Earth Science.

To appoint the Editor(s) of the Applied Earth Sciences Editorial Board to the Division committee in order to maintain communication with it, to approve policy, coverage and quality of the Applied Earth Science Transactions and related publications, as well as future technical programmes.

To identify, review and advise the Accreditation Committee on suitable academic and training courses and make this information available to interested members.

To liaise with the Legislation Committee on issues relating to Codes of Practice, Competent Persons and implementation of legislation and regulations as it affects Division constituents.

To promote the merits and activities of the IOM3 and the Applied Earth Science Division to academia and industry to attract new members.

To maintain a web page for the Applied Earth Science Division within the IOM3 website with a view to providing relevant information on activities of the Applied Earth Science Division, with a link to the Applied Earth Science Editorial Board website.