Applied Earth Science Division annual reports

Annual report 2017

1. Board membership

  • Two new members, Chloe Lam (Dalradian Gold) and Stuart MacGowan (Gerald Group) joined the board during 2017.

2. Board meetings

Meetings in 297 Euston Road in January, May and August.  FINEX’18 conference meeting in October.

26th January:           Board planning meeting (6 attendees)

25th May:                Board planning meeting (8 attendees)

31st August:            Board planning meeting (11 attendees)

26th October:          FINEX conference meeting

3. Activities during 2017

3.1. Technical programme

  • A large amount of focus and effort this year has been made towards planning events in 2018 and beyond.
  • FINEX conference planning for 17th-18th October 2018
  • Lithium conference planning for 9th-10th April 2018
  • Organising 2018 field visits to Blue John caverns, Tideway tunnels, Boulby potash mine, Imerys in Cornwall
  • Attendance at committee meetings for the SGA conference in Glasgow in 2019

3.2. Website developments

  • Addition of the yearly reports to the website
  • On-going updates of the AESD microsite
  • Promotion of FINEX’18 conference, Lithium: Exploration to End-user, Parys Mountain field trip

3.3. Engagement with technical community and/or local societies

  • Field visit to Parys Mountain, North Wales by AESD members on 17th June 2017 (6 attendees).
  • FINEX conference planning for 17th-18th October 2018.  Run in conjunction with SEG, AMA, MinSouth and MDSG.  Speakers confirmed.  Expected 120 delegates
  • Lithium: Exploration to End-user conference planning for 9th-10th April 2018.  Expected 80-100 delegates
  • Continued strong links with local society MinSouth, PERC, FINEX, GSL, MDSG and the Younger Members’ Committee

3.4 Contributions to IOM3 publications

  • Continued engagement with the Trans B editorial board
  • Ongoing addition of UK-based member to the editorial board, no reviewing commitments, and to engage talented post-grads to submit papers

3.5 Other

  • Focus on providing field trips for membership.
  • Produced a draft member survey to be sent to AESD membership in early 2017.
  • Multiple attempts made by AESD to engage with Materials Protecting Society committee; negative/lack of response from MPE.
  • Continuing close relationship between CEng and CP for stock-exchange reporting, and close links with CRIRSCO, PERC, JORC and NI 43-101 committees

4. Strategy and Objectives for 2018 and Beyond

4.1 General

  • Continued engagement with the AESD membership; field trips, conferences
  • Masterclasses in conjunction with FINEX’18 conference
  • Continue active use of the AESD microsite to engage members

4.2 Specific targets for 2018

  • FINEX’18 flagship conference
  • Lithium: Exploration to End-user conference
  • Blue John caverns visit
  • Tideway tunnels visit
  • Boulby Mine visit
  • Imerys Cornwall fieldtrip

4.3 Outline targets for the 4 years beyond 2017

  • Increase the membership of the AESD
  • Continue with engagement of the membership
  • Increase the attendance, sponsorship and recognition of FINEX’18 as a brand.
  • Follow-up Lithium: Exploration to End-user conference with further series of commodity-based conferences/technical classes


Appendix: Technical Programme as of December 2017