Anand Jyothi - Australia



SSBC: Self-regulating Suspended Biogas Collectors

Conventional biogas capturing technologies have a number of problems such as limited access to the internal of the reactors, risk of damage to the cover that can cause complete loss of methane produced, and difficulty in retrofitting to open reactors. The Self-Regulating Suspended Biogas Collectors (SSBC) proposes a new approach to capture gas for reactors and lagoons. With the global biogas industry market is expected to grow to $48.8 billion by 2026, there are significant economic and social benefits for Australian industry and the community resulting from the development of the SSBC technology.

The SSBC can capture and retain produced biogas while floating on top of anaerobic lagoons or reactors. The system consists of a number of small floating biogas capturing modules that operate independently. The system also integrates live weighting to stabilise the modules from capsizing or to control internal pressure. SSBC's modular design negates the need to shut down the entire anaerobic system for maintenance. Desludging and crust removal operations of the anaerobic system itself have been shown to be much more accessible in contrast to the current technologies.

The patented SSBC technology presents an opportunity for business to implement biogas energy generation with reduced maintenance costs and better production efficiency using a flexible system that can be retrofitted to current reactors or irregularly shaped lagoons.

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