Alexandra Kuznetsova - Russia

Aleksandra graduated from St Petersburg Mining University, Russia, in 2014 and started her postgraduate studies in oil engineering in the same university. The purpose of her research is increasing oil productivity from low-permeable reservoirs with surfactant solutions. Aleksandra has developed and patented her own surfactant which is successfully applied in the oil industry.

Aleksandra has also been awarded scholarships from BP Company, government and the President of Russia for her research. She has taken part in traineeships in the Marubeni Corporation, Tokyo, Japan and has also participated in international conferences (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, MINES ParisTech, AGH, Krakow and others).

Extracting oil from impossible-to-extract rock

The investigation of surfactant treatment efficiency and its integrated effect on oil and reservoir rock is conducted, as well as its applicability analysis for low permeable polymictic reservoir. Based on the results of cation-active and monionic surfactants research, as well as observation of their properties combination, the new surfactant solution was developed. This composition declared itself as a substance that is able not only to wash residual oil out of the rock surface, but also efficiently inhibit clay swelling process.

Subject to the results of hydrodynamic and physical modelling of the oil displacement process, the new technology for effective application of the developed composition of surfactants was created. Developed technology of the flooding process of low permeable clay reservoirs using the created and patented surfactant composition can increase the oil recovery factor more than 4.3%.

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