Advisory Council Nominations

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Nominations for Election to the IOM3 Advisory Council

Elections for the Advisory Council are taking place, with the new Governance Structure for the Institute now approved by the Privy Council. It is the Institute’s wish that there should be no delay in implementing the new structure.

It is intended that the elections will be completed in time for the first meeting of the Advisory Council on 5 November 2019.

There are two categories of vacancy on the Advisory Council for which elections must be held:

  • Representing Membership Grades
  • Representing Regions

Members nominated for a vacancy will only be eligible to stand in the membership grade of which they are a member. Hence a Fellow will stand for a Fellow vacancy and an Affiliate will stand for an Affiliate vacancy.

There are vacancies in the following grades: Fellow (1), Professional Member (2), Associate/Technician Member (1), Graduate/Professional Graduate (1), Affiliate (1), Postgraduate/Undergraduate Student (2). Numbers indicate the number of vacancies.

Members nominated for a UK Regional Vacancy will stand either in the region in which they are resident or in the region of the Local Society in which they are active; although this is normally the same.

There is one vacancy in each of the following regions: Scotland, North East, North West, Midlands, South East and Wales & South West. There is also one vacancy for a representative of an overseas Affiliated Society.

The Advisory Council is expected to assist in the development of corporate strategy for the Institute and to add to the communication between the members and the Institute.

UK Regional Advisory Councillors will be expected, in addition to sitting on the Advisory Council, also to sit in the Local Affairs Board which assists in co-ordinating the Local Societies and supporting the UK Local Societies.

Every candidate whose name appears on a ballot paper will need to make a statement to help members voting decide on who to support. This statement must be no more than 150 words describing themselves, their expertise and experience. The statement should be enclosed with the nomination form.

Members wishing to be nominated for one of the vacancies should complete the nomination form and send it to the address given at the foot of the form. They should also obtain the support of one other member of the Institute who can either complete the lower part of the form or write separately to the Institute indicating their support for the nomination by indicating their belief that the candidate is a fit and proper person to be a member of the Advisory Council.

The term of office for Advisory Councillors will be 4 years with, normally, two meetings per year. At the outset some electees will need to serve a term of only two years (renewable) so that half of the elected members change every second year. In that way continuity will be maintained.

Nominations must be received by Monday 7 October.

Successful candidates will be expected to attend the first meeting of the new Advisory Council on Tuesday 5 November at 297 Euston Road, London NW1 3AD.

Potential candidates wishing for more information should contact Anita Horton on

Nomination Form (PDF)

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See constitution of new Executive Board and Advisory Council

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