Obituary - Ian Bottomley

Advanced Sheet Metal Forming Committee
31 Aug 2008

It was with regret that the tragic death of Ian Bottomley was reported to the SPF committee at the last assembled meeting in October 2008.

In May, Ian, a keen motorbike enthusiast, was involved in a freak fatal accident in North Lancashire.

Ian was well known within the SPF community and for a number of years represented BAe (now BAE Systems) on the SPF committee. Heavily involved in SPF/DB work from the 1980’s to his death, Ian characterised the SPF/DB of titanium and aluminium alloys for use in military aircraft. In particular, much of the work involving SPF/DB on the Eurofighter(Typhoon) components, particularly the foreplane, bears his hall mark.

He presented SPF/DB papers at conferences having like-minded contacts throughout Europe and USA which gained him international respect and recognition.

His final role at BAE Systems was as JSF Materials and Processes Manager for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft programme, which employs much of the learning developed for Eurofighter, and stretches the boundaries of the SPF/DB process to ever more complex and structurally superior design.

Ian died aged 52 years leaving his wife Anne and twin daughters.

On behalf of the committee members we express our sadness at their loss.