Member consultation

Member consultation on change of objects of Andrew Carnegie Trust Fund and Stanley Elmore Fellowship

The Trustees of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and of the two IOM3 restricted funds, Andrew Carnegie Trust Fund and Stanley Elmore Fellowship (‘the Funds’), issue this notice to consult IOM3 members on the change of objects of the Funds in order to align them with those of the IOM3 Education & Outreach Trust (‘the Trust’).

The Trust was formed in 2021 in order to bring together all of the IOM3-operated historical restricted funds whose purpose was to support (often very specific and now outdated) education-related activities. The amalgamation into one overarching Trust provides more flexibility on how the funds can be allocated to existing and new activities, whilst retaining the focus on supporting education and outreach in materials, minerals and mining. The aim of the Trust is to support activities that are designed to encourage new people into materials, minerals and mining careers, recognise excellence and support professional development.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees and application has been made to register it with the Charity Commission, which will enable trustees to broaden the scope of the Trust’s activities and beneficiaries, fundraise independently and apply for Gift Aid registration from HMRC.

The Andrew Carnegie Trust Fund was established before 1906 and provides grants for IOM3 members for travelling long distances to conferences in the field of materials, normally outside their country of residence. Recipients are expected to give a presentation at the conference.

The Stanley Elmore Fellowship was set up in 1941 and supports research into all branches of extractive metallurgy and mineral processing at a UK University.

It is the opinion of the Trustees of both Funds that neither of the Funds is currently capable of being utilised to its full potential. They therefore propose to amend the objects of each to align with those of the Trust, which will enable a greater number of applicants to benefit from the award of grants, bursaries and scholarships.

Members wishing to respond to the consultation should contact [email protected] by 15 October 2022.

Constitution of the IOM3 Education and Outreach Trust.pdf


Stanley Elmore Trust Deed.pdf


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