Advisory Council (Grade Representation) election 2021

Candidates for vacancies on the IOM3 Advisory Council are as follows, with their personal statement.

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Voting commences 4 January 2021 and closes 1 February 2021.

Affiliate (1 Vacancy)

Steve Jackson

I have been a Packaging technologist for over 25 years- recently as Consultant for the last 5 years and previously working for companies including Asda, Morrison’s, Addo Food Group, Bakkavor and the Grampian Food Group.

I am the co-chair for the North of England Packaging Society and sit on the Trail Blazer group for Packaging via the National Skills Academy- we have already launched the Degree level Apprenticeship or Packaging Professionals.

As such I am very active in the industry and would like to see the IOM3 increase its reach within the industry.

Jonathan Leong

Over the last two years, I have been working within the Research team at Dyson, applying deep technical experience to develop a brand new technology for cutting-edge next generation products. Being in this upstream role has allowed me to proactively study, identify and engage in early concepts and technologies and to implement them within exciting and innovative solutions. I have experience working with new technologies and understanding their potential application

I am currently seconded within the Office of the CEO, where I have improved the Dyson governance framework, enabling the board’s direction and target to be distributed and delegated effectively. Other tasks include developing the overall management structure and developing the best method for communicating this piece. All of this involved liaising with various senior stakeholders; developing an appreciation of how a global technology company sets and operates its strategic vision.

Grant Massie

Materials Science is key in most of my personal interests apart from family and close friendships – which are the most important things in my life. I am a Chemist to trade and have over twenty years of experience contributing to R&D, QHSE Management and Consultancy.

As a new graduate I was very fortunate to have an encouraging employer who nurtured many things that stayed with me ever since, but this is not always the case. Mentoring can be very helpful to people starting out in any sector and ours is no different.

I believe that the Affiliate Membership Grade covers a wide spectrum of skills and attributes that need support in many diverse areas, I can bring valuable practical contributions to the Advisory Council because I can empathise when challenges arise and help signpost a way forward for individuals throughout their careers and from a wide range of sectors.

Mike Scott

Principal of a successful HEI in partnership with the University of Derby; progressed from apprentice, lab technician, up to Dean of Faculty and onto Principal. Enthusiastic proponent of education, workforce development, manufacturing improvement and R&D. Numerous secondments to industry for many years to assist with interventions and developments, leading to production and process improvements, reduced scrap rates and quality improvements through SPC.  Alongside my role as Principal, I assist with undergraduate projects along with other members of staff.  The college also has approval for post graduate delivery conferred by the university for Engineering programmes.

Should I be considered, I believe that I can bring benefits to the board resulting from a broad educational and industrial background (even though employed within education) coupled with my HR membership to look at the future for industry, value added and the promotion of developing industries and materials community.


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Student PostGrad (1 Vacancy)

Sudip Bose

I am Sudip Bose, a first-class B. Tech. from Calcutta University in Ceramic Technology having 17 years of experience across functions e.g., Product-development (FRP-composites), TQM and Business Excellence, Refractory application in Steel-Mfg., R&D, Project management and Ceramics production. I also hold a PG-diploma in Business Management from a premier Business-School of India (XLRI). I led New Materials Business at Tata Steel Ltd.-India for 3 years till Oct'20. Thanks to the Chevening Scholarship form the FCO-UK, I am now studying MSC in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

I worked as an elected-member of the National-Council of Indian-Ceramic-Society (ICS). As Life-Member of ICS and IIM (Indian Institute of Metals), I was actively involved in important activities. I will draw from that to add value to IOM3. This will enrich IOM3 with important perspectives from an emerging economy like India to shape the future of Materials Technology at the UK.

Alexandria Comaniciu

I was fortunate to have a STEM interdisciplinary education. During my undergraduate program, I have studied logistics, computer science, economics, etc., on top of my required curriculum. As a result, I decided to focus on the integration of ESG standards in the mining industry. I believe one step towards it can be achieved through early career support and development.

During my bachelor's studies, I was a Major Representative, helping with the transition to new examination standards. Also, as a volunteer for fundraising and event planning programs, I learned how to deliver a project and how to fine-tune project ideas using iterative feedback.

Currently, the WIM Germany team is working on the Metals and Materials Awareness campaign, as well as increasing the interest of students in geosciences. Despite using different strategies, tailored to the UK, my goals would remain the same for this position.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Hannah Hilton-Tapp

I am an MPhil postgraduate student in the Materials Centre at the University of Leicester, researching the production of high-efficiency heat pipes using electrochemistry. I am due to complete my current course in the summer of this coming year and will hopefully be commencing my PhD studies in September.

Over the last few years, I have been a member of two theatre and arts society committees and was the treasurer of the Chemistry Society at university therefore have had a lot of experience working with a variety of personalities in a range of situations. I believe that this experience, along with my good organisational and communication skills, will allow me to bring a level of professionalism and determination to this council. I am keen to represent the postgraduate community and look forward to the opportunity to work with you all. Thank you!

Artem Khalturin

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Electroenergetics and electromechanics department in the Saint-Petersburg Mining University.

Besides my current science research about methods and instruments for remote sensing of oil spills on water surface I have an internship as a project design engineer of NPP supply systems in SC «Rosatom» and take part in international engineering cases, projects and other competitions, make some science-popular events inside our University and on the international level too. 

Due to my experience and skills, I can:

  1. Help to organize and manage some international science events (cases, projects, internships etc.)
  2. Make a presentation or lecture on interesting themes, in which I have already got experience

I would like to bring more initiatives for developing this community with ideas of myself and of my Grade, which I will represent.

Martin Olowe

I enjoy the prospects of collaborating with other engineers with the aim of fulfilling a common goal - ultimately to contribute towards greater steps in strategically and technologically advancing the position of the institution (IOM3) within the UK. I am currently a PhD researcher at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) in the University of Warwick, my research has been in collaboration with TATA Steel;  studying the high temperature oxidation of electrical steels used in the energy, automotive and transport sectors. I completed a BEng and MSc in Chemical Engineering from Swansea University and a further MRes in Steel Technology. I later worked for Morgan Advanced Materials as a Materials Process Control Engineer. I believe my experience shows my adaptability and my willingness to learn from those who are more experienced. I believe that I'm a strategic thinker and also someone who is approachable as well as big on networking irrespective of cultural background – which is paramount to the progression of IOM3. I love challenges for the betterment of the project and those around me.


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